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WDPF WEStation Ovation Q-Line

Westinghouse WDPF, WEStation and Ovation are Registered Trade Marks of Westinghouse / Emerson and DeepSouth Hardware is not affiliated with, nor an authorized dealer for them. All parts provided by DeepSouth Hardware Solutions do not include any software/ firmware/ logic or license. DeepSouth Hardware Solutions does not supply software/ firmware/ logic or licensing for any Emerson/Westinghouse products. All software/ firmware/ logic and licensing is property of Emerson/Westinghouse and must be purchased from them.


1B30021G01 QLC G01 - RS232 - CE Mark Q-Line
1B30021G02 QLC G01 - RS422 - CE Mark Q-Line
1D42128G01 WDPF Single Q-Line Power Supply Q-Line
1D42128G02 WDPF Dual Q-Line Power Supply Q-Line
1D42128G03 WDPF Power Supply Assy Q-Line
1D42128G04 WDPF Power Supply Assy Q-Line
1D54557G03 Q Line Card Cage  Q-Line
1D54557G07 Q Line Card Cage  Q-Line
1D54557G10 Q Line Card Cage  Q-Line
1D54557G10 Q Line Card Cage  Q-Line
1X00024H01 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00024H03 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00024H04 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00024H06 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00163H01 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00163H02 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00163H03 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00163H04 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00416H01 Plug-in style I/O Power Supply dual 24VDC  Q-Line
1X00417H01 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00417H02 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00417H03 Power Supply Q-Line
1X00417H04 Power Supply Q-Line
2000A04G01 QTR G01 Card  Q-Line
2840A10G01 QMC Card Q-Line
2840A10G02 QMC Card Q-Line
2840A10G03 QMC Card Q-Line
2840A10G04 QMC Card Q-Line
2840A13G01 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G02 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G03 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G04 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G05 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G06 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G07 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G08 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A13G09 QDI Card Q-Line
2840A15G01 QME Card Q-Line
2840A15G02 QME Card Q-Line
2840A15G04 QME Card Q-Line
2840A15G06 QME Card Q-Line
2840A17G01 QTO Card Q-Line
2840A18G01 QRO Card Q-Line
2840A18G02 QRO Card Q-Line
2840A18G03 QRO Card Q-Line
2840A18G04 QRO Card Q-Line
2840A18G05 QRO Card Q-Line
2840A19G01 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G02 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G03 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G04 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G05 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G06 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G07 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A19G08 QAI Card Q-Line
2840A20G01 QTB Card Q-Line
2840A20G02 QTB Card Q-Line
2840A20G03 QTB Card Q-Line
2840A20G04 QTB Card Q-Line
2840A21G01 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G02 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G03 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G04 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G05 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G06 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G07 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A21G08 QAO Card Q-Line
2840A33G04 QSP Card Q-Line
2840A38G01 Q-Crate Backplane Q-Line
2840A40G0* QPD Card Q-Line
2840A49G01 QEX Q-Line Extender Q-Line
2840A75G01 QSC Card Q-Line
2840A75G02 QSC Card Q-Line
2840A77G02 QPP G02 Card Q-Line
2840A78G01 QSD Card Q-Line
2840A79G01 QBO Card Q-Line
2840A79G02 QBO Card Q-Line
2840A79G03 QBO Card Q-Line
2840A79G04 QBO Card Q-Line
2840A79G05 QBO Card Q-Line
2840A80G01 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G02 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G03 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G04 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G05 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G06 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G07 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G08 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G10 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A80G11 QBI Card Q-Line
2840A83G03 QMD Card Q-Line
2840A85G01 QMS G01 Card Q-Line
2840A86G01 QAC Card Q-Line
2840A86G02 QAC Card Q-Line
2840A86G04 QAC Card Q-Line
2840A86G05 QAC Card Q-Line
2840A86G05 QAC G05 Analog Cond. Card - +120mA at +48VDC  Q-Line
2D34347G05 Power Supply Assy Q-Line
2D34347G06 Power Supply Assy Q-Line
2D34347G07 Power Supply Assy Q-Line
2D34347G08 Power Supply Assy Q-Line
3A59344G05 Remote I/O Twisted-Pair Master Q-Line
3A59344G06 Remote I/O Twisted-Pair Master (dual) Q-Line
3A59345G05 Remote I/O Fiber Optic Master Q-Line
3A59345G06 Remote I/O Fiber Optic Master (dual) Q-Line
3A59346G02 Remote I/O Node Kit - TP Q-Line
3A59347G01 Remote I/O Node Kit - FO Q-Line
3A59348G02 COT Clamshell for DPU Q-Line
3A59349G11 Q-crate COT, 1 pair Q-Line
3A59349G12 Q-crate COT, 2 pair Q-Line
3A99101G01 QSR Card Q-Line
3A99101G02 QSR Card Q-Line
3A99108G01 QRS Card Q-Line
3A99109G01 QRF Card Q-Line
3A99114G01 QRD Card Q-Line
3A99114G02 QRD Card Q-Line
3A99114G03 QRD Card Q-Line
3A99114G04 QRD Card Q-Line
3A99118G01 QCA Card Q-Line
3A99118G02 QCA Card Q-Line
3A99211G01 1DAPS4 Card Q-Line
3A99211G02 1DAPS5 Card Q-Line
3A99254G01 IOPS Power Supply Board  Q-Line
3A99254G03 IOPS Power Supply Board  Q-Line
3A99257G01 QOR - Q-Line Remote I/O Card Q-Line
3A99857G01 QHS-R 486 Analog - 56ACE Q-Line
3A99857G02 QHS-L 486 Analog - 56ACE Q-Line
3A99857G03 QHS-R 486 Analog - 56ACE Q-Line
3A99857G04 QHS-L 486 Analog - 56ACE Q-Line
3A99858G01 QHS-R 486 QAO & QAI - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99858G02 QHS-L 486 QAO & QAI - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99859G01 QHS-R 486 Digital - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99859G02 QHS-L 486 Digital - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99859G03 QHS-R 486 Digital - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99859G04 QHS-L 486 Digital - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99860G01 QHS(2) L & R 486 QAX - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99860G02 QHS(2) L & R 486 QAX - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99860G02 QHS(2) L & R 486 QAX - 56 ACE Q-Line
3A99860G04 Halfshell Termination Assy/Cable Q-Line
3A99861G04 Halfshell Termination Assy/Cable Q-Line
3A99862G14 QCI/QSE Front Edge Connector &Cable to Half Shell Q-Line
3A99863G14 QAW Front Edge Connector &Cable to Half Shell Q-Line
404A723G01 QLINE Extender Assy Cable Q-Line
404A724G01 QEX Extender Assy Q-Line
406A167G13 QLC to IBM AT - Serial Cable Q-Line
4256A01G01 QLC Serial Link Interface Card Q-Line
4256A15G01 QDC Card Q-Line
4256A15G02 QDC Card Q-Line
4256A15G03 QDC Card Q-Line
4256A26G01 QRC Card Q-Line
4256A36G01 QDT Daughter Card Q-Line
4256A51G01 QFR PC Card Q-Line
4256A64G01 QAX Card Q-Line
4256A64G02 QAX Card Q-Line
4256A64G03 QAX Card Q-Line
4256A64G04 QAX Card Q-Line
4256A64G05 QAX Card Q-Line
4256A64G06 QAX Card Q-Line
4256A65G01 QAX Daughter Card  Q-Line
4256A65G02 QAX Daughter Card  Q-Line
4256A65G03 QAX Daughter Card  Q-Line
4256A65G05 QAX Daughter Card  Q-Line
4256A65G06 QAX Daughter Card  Q-Line
4256A76G01 QST Card Q-Line
4256A76G02 QST Card Q-Line
4256A83G01 QIC Card Q-Line
4256A84G01 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G02 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G03 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G04 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G05 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G06 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G07 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G08 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G09 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G10 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G11 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G12 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G13 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G14 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G15 QID Card Q-Line
4256A84G16 QID Card Q-Line
4256A86G01 QAXT Daughter Card Q-Line
4256A94G01 QVP Card Q-Line
4256A94G02 QVP Card Q-Line
4256A94G03 QVP Card Q-Line
4256A94G04 QVP Card Q-Line
4256A99G01 DIOB Backplane on Q-crates Q-Line
4256A99G02 DIOB Backplane on Q-crates Q-Line
4257A58H04 QCI Card .75A Fuse Q-Line
4257A58H06 QSE Card 3A Fuse Q-Line
4D06546G26 Q-Line Card Edge Connector / Cable (3A99506H01 on cable itself) Q-Line
4D33865G01 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33865G02 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33865G03 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33865G04 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33865G05 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33865G06 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33913G01 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33913G02 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33913G03 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33913G04 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33913G05 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33913G06 Power Supply Q-Line
4D33914G01 Power Supply Rack Tray Q-Line
4D33914G02 Power Supply Rack Tray Q-Line
4D33914G03 Power Supply Rack Tray Q-Line
4D33914G05 Power Supply Rack Tray Q-Line
5870C46G01 Halfshell Extension Assy - L XMTR Pwr Q-Line
5870C46G02 Halfshell Extension Assy - R XMTR Pwr Q-Line
5999C39G05 Halfshell Extension Assy - Right Q-Line
5999C39G06 Halfshell Extension Assy Q-Line
5999C40G01 Halfshell Extension Assy Q-Line
5999C40G02 Halfshell Extension Assy Q-Line
5999C40G05 Halfshell Extension Assy - Right Q-Line
5999C40G06 Halfshell Extension Assy - Left  Q-Line
5999C40G10 Halfshell Extension Assy Q-Line
5999C41G02 Halfshell Extension Assy Q-Line
5999C41G03-9 Halfshell Extension Assy - Right (8 Fused) Q-Line
5999C41G04-9 Halfshell Extension Assy - Left (8 Fused) Q-Line
5999C42G01 Halfshell Extension Assy - R Fused(1) Q-Line
5999C42G02 Halfshell Extension Assy - L Fused(1) Q-Line
5A22138G01-3 9pin serial ribbon cable (attached to QVP) Q-Line
5A22663G01 QSR Resistor Kit Q-Line
5D32115G01 I/O Quad Cabinet - 486 WEStation DPU Q-Line
5D32151H01 Q-Line Card Edge Connector plastic retainer Q-Line
5X00230G01 / 1P00049G01 QOL Card Q-Line
7379A06G02 QCI Card .75A Fuse Q-Line
7379A08G01 QRI Card Q-Line
7379A13G01 QPA Card Q-Line
7379A13G02 QPA Card Q-Line
7379A13G03 QPA Card Q-Line
7379A13G04 QPA Card Q-Line
7379A19G01 QMX Card Q-Line
7379A21G01 QAV Card Q-Line
7379A21G02 QAV Card Q-Line
7379A21G03 QAV Card Q-Line
7379A21G04 QAV Card Q-Line
7379A21G05 QAV Card Q-Line
7379A21G06 QAV Card Q-Line
7379A28G01 QAM Card Q-Line
7379A28G02 QAM Card Q-Line
7379A28G03 QAM Card Q-Line
7379A29G01 QDT Card Q-Line
7379A31G01 QAW Card Q-Line
7379A31G02 QAW Card Q-Line
7379A31G03 QAW Card Q-Line
7379A31G04 QAW Card Q-Line
7379A31G05 QAW Card Q-Line
7379A31G06 QAW Card Q-Line
7379A34G01 QMR Card Q-Line
7379A36G01 QAH Card Q-Line
7379A36G02 QAH Card Q-Line
7379A36G03 QAH Card Q-Line
7379A36G04 QAH Card Q-Line
7379A39G03 QAE Card Q-Line
7379A47G01 QMA Card Q-Line
7379A47G04 QMA Card Q-Line
7379A58G01 IOW Board Q-Line
7379A62G01 QRT Card Q-Line
7379A62G02 QRT Card Q-Line
7379A66G01 QMB Card Q-Line
7379A70G01 QMT Card Q-Line
7379A70G02 QMT Card Q-Line
7379A70G03 QMT Card Q-Line
7379A78G01 QIA Card Q-Line
7379A82G01 QSI Card Q-Line
7379A84G01 QBE Card Q-Line
7379A87G01 QIX Card Q-Line
7379A90G03 FILM Card Q-Line
7379A90G06 FILM Card Q-Line
7379A91G01 QAA Card Q-Line
7379A91G02 QAA Card Q-Line
7380A35G01 Q-Line I/O Card test Assy extender Card  Q-Line
7380A36G01 QSE Card Q-Line
7380A92G01 RTD Bridge Card Q-Line
7380A92G02 RTD Bridge Card Q-Line
7380A92G03 RTD Bridge Card Q-Line
7380A92G04 RTD Bridge Card Q-Line
7380A92G05 RTD Bridge Card Q-Line
7380A92G06 RTD Bridge Card Q-Line
7381A10G01 QLI Card Q-Line
7381A10G02 QLI Card Q-Line
7381A10G03 QLI Card Q-Line
7381A73G01 QSS Card Q-Line
7381A76G01 QLJ Card Q-Line
7381A76G02 QLJ Card Q-Line
7381A76G03 QLJ Card Q-Line
742A891H01 QBO Card Fuse Q-Line
772B450G01 QLC Configured Board Q-Line
772B450G02 QLC Configured Board Q-Line
772B450G03 QLC Configured Board Q-Line
772B450G04 QLC Configured Board Q-Line
772B450G11 QLC Configured Board Q-Line
772B450G12 QLC Configured Board Q-Line
772B480G01 QFR Card Q-Line
772B480G02 QFR Card Q-Line
774A759H01 120ohm Nickle RTD Q-Line
9115A09G12 Q-Line Card cable (straight plug) Q-Line
9115A25G04 QBE to QBE cable Q-Line
9115A59G01 WDPF QRT Test Cable Q-Line
9115A60G01 WDPF QAV/36AFS Cable Q-Line
9115A61G01 WDPF QRT 150 Ohm Cable Q-Line
9115A62G01 WDPF QPA/36 AFS Cable Q-Line
9115A63G01 WDPF QRO to QCI Cable Q-Line
Westinghouse WDPF, WEStation and Ovation parts in Stock

Westinghouse WDPF, WEStation and Ovation are Registered trade marks of Westinghouse/ Emerson and DeepSouth Hardware is not affiliated with, nor an authorized dealer for them.